apartment for rent - Gdańsk, Aniołki
2 rooms
46,10 m2
47,72 zł/m2
Gdańsk, Aniołki
, apartment for rent
LOCATION: The subject of the offer is a flat in the Wolne Miasto housing estate. Wolne Miasto is a unique housing estate that combines residential functions with respect for exceptional natural resources. All apartments in this investment are equipped with balconies, ...
2 200 zł
apartment for rent - Sopot, Sopot Górny, al. Armii Krajowej
3 rooms
60,00 m2
61,67 zł/m2
Sopot, Sopot Górny, al. Armii Krajowej
, apartment for rent
LOCATION: Aquarius is a discreet housing estate located in Upper Sopot between ul. Armii Krajowej and Okrężna. The location of the investment makes it attractive both for people who want to permanently live in the resort and for those who plan to just relax here, taking ...
3 700 zł
apartment for rent - Gdynia, Śródmieście, Centrum
3 rooms
80,00 m2
56,25 zł/m2
Gdynia, Śródmieście, Centrum
, apartment for rent
4 500 zł
premise for rent - Gdynia, Śródmieście, Centrum, A. Hryniewickiego
70,30 m2
60,00 zł/m2
Gdynia, Śródmieście, Centrum, A. Hryniewickiego
, premise for rent
LOCATION: The subject of the lease is the office room located in the Sea Towers building at ul. Hryniewieckiego in Gdynia. It is the first tallest residential and service building in Poland. Sea Towers buildings are perfectly located in the very center of Gdynia, ...
4 218 zł
apartment for rent - Gdynia, Śródmieście, Centrum
1 room
40,00 m2
62,50 zł/m2
Gdynia, Śródmieście, Centrum
, apartment for rent
LOCATION: Sunny apartment in the center of Gdynia is located on the fourth floor of the Moderna building. The Moderna tenement house is a Gdynia building at Kashubian Square. It is a modern building, with prestigious finishing materials. The location in the immediate ...
2 500 zł
apartment for sale - Gdańsk, Siedlce, Skarpowa
1 room
25,00 m2
11 160,00 zł/m2
Gdańsk, Siedlce, Skarpowa
, apartment for sale
279 000 zł
apartment for sale - Sopot, Centrum
5 rooms
0,00 m2
0,00 zł/m2
Sopot, Centrum
, apartment for sale
2 267 650 zł
apartment for rent - Gdańsk, Śródmieście, Lastadia
2 rooms
46,00 m2
43,48 zł/m2
Gdańsk, Śródmieście, Lastadia
, apartment for rent
LOCATION: New Lastadia is an apartment complex that was built in the Old Suburb of Gdansk on the Motława River, at Lastadia Street, less than 500 m from the Lower Gate, recognized as the oldest place in Gdansk. The location's attractiveness is primarily determined ...
2 000 zł
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